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Ed Mitchell Participates in Marathon Judicial Evaluation Process

C. Edward S. Mitchell entered his fifth year as a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission. He was originally appointed by PBA President Gretchen A. Mundorff in 2010.

This year, the members participated in several weeks of interviews of candidates for three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, one seat on the Pennsylvania Superior Court and one seat on the Commonwealth Court. Some 27 attorneys and judges submitted to interviews with the Commission, and also submitted voluminous materials for review, by the members.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission is responsible for developing and implementing a judicial evaluation process for appellate judicial candidates in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Commission's procedures include reviewing reports of investigative panels commissioned specifically for each candidate, interviewing each candidate, discussing qualifications, and reaching an agreement upon and issuing ratings for candidates for appellate judicial office.