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Claim of Assault in Polish Club Fails to Convince Jury

Bar stoolThe question for a Northumberland County jury: did the plaintiff get pushed off his bar stool or did excessive consumption of alcohol cause his fall? In a February 2015 trial defended by Gary Weber, the jury sided with the defendant, to find that he did not assault the occupant of the bar stool.

The incident involved members of the Polish Club. At the trial, plaintiff claimed that another member of the club pushed him off a bar stool and kicked him while he lay on the ground. This all occurred because defendant did not like the fact that plaintiff repeatedly asked defendant to satisfy a pool debt, claimed plaintiff.

The defendant (and everyone else in the bar) told a different version of the events. According to the bartender and 3 other members, plaintiff was sitting quietly, nursing a drink, when he slipped off the bar stool. Defendant denied that he ever played pool with plaintiff, and he was seated several feet from plaintiff at the time of the fall.

Oddly enough, plaintiff called the police. The officer noted plaintiff's intoxication, escorted him from the driver seat of his van and found no basis for his claim of assault.

The one day trial resulted in a defense verdict.

The case is Rompallo vs. Burns.