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Jury Refuses to Award damages for Minimal Injury

A summer 2015 verdict in Northumberland County resulted in no award to a passenger of a vehicle, involved in an accident. Mitchell Gallagher attorney defended one of the drivers in the case.

The case involved a two car accident in Northumberland., Pa. One vehicle was pulling through an intersection, while a second vehicle approached from Route 147, the intersecting road.  There was a violent collision, but the passenger plaintiff did not immediately complain of injury. Later, he mad complaints of back pain, but had limited medical treatment.

At the trial, plaintiff complained of ongoing low back pain and disability. He claimed, for example, that he was unable to operate a riding mower. He was confronted with Facebook photographs of activities inconsistent with his claims - such as operating a Ski-Doo on the ocean.

After deliberating, the jury found both drivers negligent - but also found that the plaintiff had no injuries caused by the accident. No appeal was taken from the verdict.